The Morrighan


We've been taught the darkness is bad, how can it be when it has created all life?

The beautiful peaceful and turbulent nothingness that is mysterious and powerful and so loving and only those that can see, feel and are brave enough to question know this. You've been called here, intrigued, questioning what is real... I am devoted and committed to strip away the bullshit to free the feminine once and for all.

Yes.. the darkness is a mystery, it is the feminine. It cannot be controlled, dominated or conformed because fire and darkness cannot be caged and I'm here to show you how to free the wild within and how to use conditioning and oppression to grow the real you.


What is hidden in the dark, the strong turbulent emotions is the doorway to the woman who longs for her freedom.


She of the Wild

It begins with an unsettledness, a feeling that how you currently live cannot stay the way it is..and though you know this deep down, you still try to do everything you can to salvage the old life because the fear that has risen feels overwhelming and you know deep down the people that you are currently close to will be no more. It's the change you felt coming that speaks to you in your anger, in your more, you just know you cannot live like this no more....

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The Mystery of Woman

So you've gone deep, deeper than you have before but you still feel unfulfilled, a niggling feeling that there's more...but you feel annoyed, pissed off because you just want to get the fuck on with life. Why is it that everyone seems content but you are not, even though you've gone through shit most people could never ever navigate through on their own.. and so the questions begin, what's happening to me? Will I ever know what I'm here to do? Why don't I fit? Is my life ever going to be the same?

No beloved it's not....

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Snake & Wild Roots Botanica

I cannot wait to offer you all witchery teachings and a botanica very soon. Below is the Facebook page for this new creation. Jump on it and stay connected with new offerings coming soon.

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You are the earth and the earth is you...


Though we've been taught otherwise and through our fear we've walked away from Her and from the woman we really are. The feminine has been oppressed for too long. It is our rage which will support the change that is needed here on the planet. To free who you really are and stand for ALL life not just human life. The witches are rising whether this world wants them to or not... and by fuck we will and are because She's calling us, She needs us and can't we just feel it in our bodies.. Earth Mother is calling.

Hear that call deep inside you woman? Honour and move with it. Something much bigger is happening here.

Listen and surrender to Her.

Her coven is rising..


What now? Connect with me..

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