Oppression of all forms needs to fuck off, and our animals are living a  fucking nightmare that most do not want to acknowledge. Yes I know, I have heard it all, there are children and people that are suffering. Yes I know that but this is what my voice is being used for, and no living being is lower or greater than another so people need to fuck up with those with those pompous beliefs.

It gives those the justification to look the other way to such suffering and allow it to be and think it’s OK. It’s far from OK. If you, an aware person, think it’s OK to support an industry that disrespects our mother and her babies, then I kindly suggest to go much fucking  deeper. Rip off the conditioning and educate yourself. See what these animals go through. This is not respecting life, this is not respecting our mother!

Factory farming has to go. Any kind of exploitation of animals has to go, and I’m pleading with each one of you, to do what you can to be a voice for animals. If you’re not sure what ecofeminism is please look it up, I encourage you to.

Get educated first. Understand what animals go through, see what they go through for milk, butter and meat can be on your plate and clothes on your back. Please get educated, then act. Start small and work your way up. If you choose to eat meat, search for small ethical farms and know your butcher. Ask questions. Choose organic and ask questions there too, because what you think organic is, and what is classified as organic, is two different things.

I’m going to leave some links here below, please take the time to browse through them then go one better and act, it all starts with you. What can you change in your world?  And then educate your children.

Animal Liberation Victoria – https://www.alv.org.au/

Animal Liberation Western Australia – http://alwa.org.au/

Animal Liberation N.S.W. – http://www.animal-lib.org.au/

Animal Liberation Queensland – http://alq.org.au/

Animal Liberation South Australia – http://www.animalliberation.org.au/

Animals Australia – http://www.animalsaustralia.org/

The change begins with us. With every small change we make, it all adds up to be huge change! 🙂 I understand it’s easy to be overwhelmed, but this is how change happens and the more we take action and the more we talk about it, the more it happens. Just keep going and don’t think that you’re not making a difference because you are.