One of my absolute favourite things, is showing those with anxiety and depression that it’s a hidden light.

Using my ability of clear sight, I was able to access a deep and profound knowing entering into a darkness which felt like absolute never ending painful chaos leaving me a few times wanting to take my own life, and it wasn’t till I reached this place I chose to enter this pain consciously that a whole different world opened for me.

I remember feeling panic and fearing to allow myself to drop into this space again especially after the last time not knowing how it was going to play out. It was unknown. Though consciously I could see by fearing to drop in it, the fear was exaggerated as I didn’t know what the outcome would be so I entered the fear consciously and this time around it wasn’t anywhere near as bad because I chose to enter it with attention. I came out with the most profound insights, a strength that was indestructible experiencing the core of what it means to be alive…wildness.

There is a freedom when we enter the hidden aspects of ourselves consciously and this is what I love to do, to support women to find who they really are by venturing into the places most avoid exploring. I feel so much gratitude with being gifted with clear inner sight because not only have a freed myself but many women and children and will continue to do so as long as I feel to.

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Depression, oppression 

I see depression as oppression. Unresolved emotion that is needing your attention each time the wound is triggered, and each time the wound is triggered it gives the opportunity to go deeper into exploring and knowing our real self and develop a strong relationship with the mystery and the planet we live on.

What I do want to say is depression is shown in many different ways and not just the standard not being able to get out of bed, feeling heavy, unmotivated, unsociable, and it goes on. Though these are some signs they certainly are not all.

Women who have been raised in dysfunctional homes have been taught how to disconnect and hide their grief. It’s not uncommon and nor is there anything to be ashamed of. We’ve been taught to be ashamed and that is why so much of  this is hidden but that is a conditioned belief that can be worked through.

There’s power in this beloveds and I am so passionate on showing you how.