Are you looking for someone caring, authentic and non-judgemental to support you to understand yourself and heal with real, sustained growth? When you work with Astara you will receive the most amazing support services to help you navigate to understand and free yourself from patterns and triggers from past wounding that are holding you back from becoming the person you  truly are…she is gifted with patience, clarity and the willingness to provide you with the strategies, boundaries and tools to empower yourself to grow and heal so that you can live from a place of truth …her services and support are absolute gold and I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for authenticity and reconnection that you have undoubtedly and absolutely come to the right place. I have experienced profound, authentic and sustainable changes within myself that reflect the changes in the world around me that I wish to live and be in a short space of time …the positive effect on my children, family and friends is invaluable…such amazing support to guide me to unlock and release my creativity… Astara is the only person who has been able to have this kind of effect  for me…forever grateful for the opportunity to receive such amazing support services from Astara and absolutely recommend her if you are looking for real change…no matter what place and space you currently find yourself in…pure gold!

My daughter and I have both had a number of readings with Astara over recent years. We have found her to be not only incredibly accurate (including the times we wished otherwise!), but also very helpful in the way she provides gentle guidance and suggestion to assist you on the path forward. Astara’s style is extremely genuine and highly compassionate, there is a rawness, a certain depth of emotion to a reading with Astara that is not so easy to find. I would recommend Astara’s work to everybody – especially if you are looking for something that goes a little deeper, something a little bit… more.

Astara is simply amazing! She approaches her readings with a very realistic and calm confidence. She always gives a sense of true purpose to her work and let’s me know that she is in touch with the very core of the situation that I have laid before her. I have gained such insight from her readings and recommend her to anyone  who is really ready to take off the mask and look within. Five star all the way!!

Astara is an amazing, authentic woman.  I first met her through her Facebook page and website, and from there I have had many tarot readings and also met her in-person at her women’s circles.  She is also an incredible artist, and I use many of her beautiful crystal creations in my healing work. I can’t thank her enough for all of the advice that she has given to me and my family over the last 8 years.  Her clairvoyant/mediumship readings are extremely accurate and she just knows stuff that there’s no way she could really know…..she always amazes me with her gifts! She’s the real deal when it comes to this kind of work and she’s one of a kind.  She is extremely passionate about all of her work and everything that she does comes from love and her beautiful, kind heart. Her work is both guidance and counselling all in one hit. She has been particularly helpful with giving advice and support regarding my highly sensitive 15 year old son.  Working with children is certainly one of her strengths. Without her incredible support, I just do not know where we would be today. Thank you Astara for everything. Highly recommended. Sylvia, Perth, W. A.

Astara is very gifted, accurate and specific. The readings I have had with her have been insightful and inspiring, relevant, helpful and very to the point, which I personally like. She has the wisdom of a sage and the sensitivity of a healer,  I can highly recommend her readings to anyone who needs her insight for any situation.

I have had two readings so far, and each time they have been so insightful – Astara has identified the main issues and concerns in my life and has given me clarity and hope in moving forward. I’ll definitely be asking her for another reading soon. By the way, she pulls no punches… 10/10

I have turned to this woman more than once. Usually when I am feeling vulnerable, confused and/or a little lost. Her advice and guidance is not all fluff and stuff. Her words are gritty and insightful and usually highlight aspects of myself that I have forgotten or triedto forget . She reminds me that they are part of me and are useful and even beautiful. I still have fear but I see it for what it is now which really takes an edge off. If you are ready for something real then please seek out this woman. I have had several ‘aha’ moments with her gentle guidance. Emma

I have been blown away by the readings I have had by Astara. She has an incredible gift which she is sharing with the world and I’ve been fortunate enough to have found this page. There’s no nonsense and more than accurate guidance and knowledge which has helped my life ways I can not explain.. Incredible x

I highly recommend Astara to anybody who is looking for authentic, accurate guidance, supportive and empowering advice and just says it like it is… xx Laura

Over the years Astara has provided wonderful insight and guidance for my children. She is able to accurately tune in to their issues and also gives practical steps to help and shift the issue which I have found invaluable. Astara’s distant healings have also had wonderful results. Astara has a unique wisdom and genuine love for helping children and will always be someone I turn to when my kids and I need help. E.