What I do

I heal. When a woman comes to me, she’s coming to me to be transformed. What I do is an old craft. It’s the craft of my ancestors.

I see and I heal, and I heal because I can see. I can see why people are in emotional and physical pain and I know how to unthread the knots of energy so real healing can take place.

I take women into the places inside of them to be healed. To transform their life and the person they have been taught to be. I use my inner sight to lead a woman into her inside world towards a thread of energy that needs to be seen clearly for it to be transformed at the core root of the wound. This is why a clairvoyant/mediumship reading is needed before we begin sessions. To see where you are right now and where to begin.

Once we reach the core of the wound, she has learned a lot along the way which readies her to feel the full force of the emotions within the wound. This is where transmutation lives and knowing how to transform, because it doesn’t stop here. Where most people do, they give up right at the edge of breaking open.

Real healing has it’s own way and timing and is unique to each person. I listen to knowing and move with each woman’s natural rhythm.

But that’s not all. It’s not just healing wounds but how to keep the energy moving through every aspect in her life. Learning and knowing how to pay attention. We keep going deeper and deeper until she can access the wisdom and knowing of her ancestors and she’s developed a strong relationship with our Mother, because there is no real healing without having a strong relationship to earth.

This work is for our ancestors, which is you too and the earth. To heal our indigenous roots and to come back home to our people, back to being present with one another, back to into our bodies and to our Mother.

What I really want people to know is the difference between belief and knowing. By knowing how they both feel in the body, you will know to place your attention on truth and not an opinion. Beliefs are a powerful focus that shapes our lives, and if not real can create stagnation that can lead to emotional and physical health problems. 

And naturally through our work together, we’re led to purpose. Click here to know about the wild, raw creative community for women – Wild Roots  or move down the page to view session exchange. 

Because of the depth of my work, please read the Are you committed? page before booking in a one on one transformative session.

** Please email me at wildlyunearthed@gmail.com to book a session or to discuss further. **



These sessions are 1 hour long looking into past, present and future. How the past is affecting the present therefore the future and if there is any emotional work that needs attention and healing to enable the progression of your highest potential so you can live your purpose and happiness. Yes, this also entails future insights. Sessions are conducted via Skype, phone or email. I always prefer Skype or phone but it’s entirely up to you. Sessions are available anywhere in the world and paypal is available. Exchange is $130 

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These sessions are anywhere between 1 hour, and 1 hour and 30 minutes long depending on each person. Exchange is $150 for single sessions. 

In these sessions, I look into where I see where we need to begin to transform the knot of energy that’s making you feel uncertain, blocked, unmotivated, emotional or confused. I haven’t had a woman yet that hasn’t felt lighter with clear direction after these sessions.

Available in person and Skype.

Block of five sessions are offered there after if there is more work to be done. 

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These sessions can only be offered after a full reading or after a one on one transformational session. Exchange for a block of five sessions is $300 and I purposely keep the price down as these sessions are usually always ongoing until it feels right for each woman to move on. 

Exchange is $300 and can be paid in a two part payment of $150. 

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Here’s a bit of what you will learn:   

  • How to move through emotional blocks with attention. This is important to so can grow from dysfunctional or self saboteur patterns.
  • Learn to recognise when you are in a trauma pattern and how to manage and grow with it.
  • How to use old behavioural and thought patterns to grow your real self.
  • How to manage, express and grow with powerful emotion and learn to feel it without reacting on old self destructive patterns. 
  • Learn to listen and grow your intuition recognising it is the voice of your real self.
  • How to use your intuition to navigate your way through your emotional and spiritual body.
  • The importance of creativity and self expression as a way of life.
  • Learn how to recognise death and birth spaces of self and how to navigate through them.        These sessions also include inner work that is sent to your email for you to do in your own space and explored together in the next sessionBelow, are some of what can be discussed in transformative sessions if the client request for it:
  • Emotional & Spiritual Navigation – Transforming into your Real Self
  • Healing the Wounded Child/Wounded Mother
  • Self Exploration using the Tarot
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Fertility Issues
  • Art Therapy
  • Understanding Relationship Patterns
  • Healing After Narcissism
  • Death Navigation
  • Healing Emotional Eating

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the services provided and would like to know more. Email me at wildlyunearthed@gmail.com