Because of the depth of my work and the commitment I give to each woman to transform, please read this before considering to book a session.


Block of five sessions are only offered to women who are committed to grow, to heal and confront whatever they need to inside no matter how challenging and difficult it gets, and darlin heart there are times where it will push you to breaking point so I need to know, are you committed to your happiness and to your real self? Do you have the strength to stand in yourself and be responsible for what you feel and the decision to bring you to this point?

Five session blocks or ongoing work

  • If I offer, and you choose to commit to a 5 session block or an ongoing thread of sessions, before we begin there must a committed block of sessions between 5 to 10 sessions (depending on each woman) around BOUNDARIES and another block to open a  relationship with the earth. This is essential as all my work must have commitment to both earth and self, there’s no balance without both. No agreement to conduct sessions to support growth will go ahead otherwise. Even if you feel you are strong with both I need to see that for myself. Some women take offence to this and I understand being a proud strong woman but I only have these strong boundaries in place for both of us as the depth of my work is not for everyone.
  • Do you have experience with deep self reflection?
  • In order to get the most out of these sessions there is a surrender and trust with what I see, can you come into these sessions with no expectations to how you think they should unfold? When we uncover what’s hidden it will take you to places you may never thought you would see or consider, can you trust and have strength within yourself to go where the mystery takes you?
  • Bottom line, are you committed to the life that awaits you beneath the layers of conditioned behaviours and wounds?

I do not take on any woman who does not take herself seriously. I will only work with women who are committed and if after our first discussion if I do not feel that you are, I will not be taking you on that includes single sessions.

To do so will be destructive because my work is deep and if you’re not ready and I feel so, please know by me saying no is an act of love.

Please do not book a session if you feel you’re not ready. I take my work seriously and the path I walk and I expect the same from you.

(**Single sessions can be conducted if we both agree to after our first initial chat. The above sessions are not needed for this.)

With love,

Astara xxx