These pages are for the wild ones, the ones on the edge of society.  The ones who speak truth and walk with integrity and respect for all life, not just their own. The ones who have a natural devotion to the earth and self. The wild, untamed creative as fuck lovelies, yes you. The ones who know darkness well, whether peaceful or turbulent, you’ve been pushed there too many times to count and often wondered why your life is chaotic, and why people just seem to be intimidated by you when you know the softness and gentleness that you are… and you carry on with a strength from rebuilding after so many times breaking down to be broken open. Though it’s heavy at times, the feeling of rejection that can take very little to trigger depending on how you’re feeling at the time, the looming heaviness of depression and anxiety can leave you in a place for days, weeks, months, and it comes and goes the daily struggle of surviving in a world that keeps showing you there’s no room for you..

…but there is. It’s here woman.

I speak from personal experience and from working with all types of women all over the world, this is a certain type of woman that I have just described. She’s unique, outspoken, strong, gentle, compassionate, empathetic, intuitive, honest and powerful, and this power is naturally felt by others and usually from a young age. These women experience rejection from not just the outside world, but also from their families.

I have watched girl after girl, woman after woman of this kind be rejected from the world for just being who she is, and if you’re reading this, you know the damage of ongoing rejection for just being you. You know the pain intimately and the constant questioning of ‘what’s wrong with me’ and you also know the beliefs that lay hidden from constant abuse. That belief we fall into sometimes, that we’re unlovable. That’s the full force of being rejected and abused over and over again from the world. I have seen amazing, gifted women question themselves into deep depression and severe anxiety because this belief is anchored somewhere in the psyche but still they rise and carry on with heart wide open and a strength and clarity that is so deeply moving. Don’t fear witch, any woman that puts a toe out of the oppressive box, will be always be seen as a trouble maker. That’s a fucken great thing.

This was created for you.

There is nothing wrong with you, there never was. You have the ability to carry and hold large amounts of energy beyond the average person. You know how to transmute energy to recreate and recreate again. You know death well, you know life well. You still do this with kindness to all, with love and compassion for all. There is a reason you can…witch.  Read more here beloved we’ve been waiting for you –> The Hidden Light – Wild Women & Depression