You’re not alone beloved. There’s more of us. There was never anything wrong with you. You have a power that many are not strong enough to be in the presence of. They know you can see through the bullshit. They know you have a strength and compassion that is rare. They also know you take responsibility and expect it from those around you as well. You demand respect as you give it. You take no shit and they know that. You my darling cannot be controlled, the weak cannot stand that. Any woman that refuses to live in an oppressive box, is never going to fit into patriarchal society. Let’s be honest now, oppressors are offended by a woman’s freedom.

You know deep down there is a difference between you and other people but you can’t quite pinpoint what that is, your knowing and power. 

To you it just is, you were born with it but to others it’s intimidating because your knowing and power has presence that pierces through false bullshit.

Women like yourself are connected to something so very old and somewhere inside, you haven’t forgotten. You feel it even when you’re deeply emotional you sense something else is at work, always questioning the questions. You want to know more. You can’t connect with people unless they have presence too, a person connected to their own knowing.

You’ve tried living the way society tells you to but it’s fucking unsatisfying and you have tried so hard to fit. You just want more. It’s the relationship with the mystery you chase and the smell of freedom.

But it hasn’t been easy darlin, I know. You’ve experienced more turmoil than most people you know. You don’t quite understand why your life seems chaotic and everyone else’s isn’t. You’ve been pushed down more than once and you carry the heaviness of it. It’s felt through bouts of depression which is the oppression of your power.

When a witch isn’t walking her power her life is unconsciously chaotic.  It means you’re not paying attention. Chaos is nature, and it will always be part of our life, but there is a big difference when you choose to experience chaos with eyes wide open.

Your real self wants to be seen and heard and will destroy anything in it’s way. Every relationship that isn’t real, any job you’re not meant to be in, it will show you again and again where you’re denying yourself the truth. You’re here to walk your truth, and will be challenged until you find your own wild forest track. 

This isn’t spoken about. There isn’t a lot of us out there but there is many of us and I love to connect with you to show you how to reclaim your power.

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