Yes, it’s a thing and any woman in her power or growing her power knows it. Yes, even today powerful women are shamed, persecuted and isolated. Any small thing can become a huge fucking deal because she’s powerful and she refuses to be boxed into an expectation. These ingrained expectations can go fuck itself.

I tell you these wounds exist and they’re deep but that’s the fierce and magical about witch. We know how to grow from it over and over again. It doesn’t destroy, it grows power even so why does the persecutions still exist? Why is a powerful woman a rattle? Yes a rattle my darlins, like the tower card in the tarot she can make a strong impact destroying what isn’t true. First with her presence then with her voice.

Why a rattle? A woman in her power is plugged into an untameable force. The force of compassion and truth when used, the wild and insight within her has the power to shake. ‘There’s a mystery about her’ ahh yes and that’s what’s untameable, uncontrollable and there’s nothing you can do to break her. A witch rises from the ashes, fire doesn’t work dickheads it never did. We’re still here.

Do I dare to speak about religious influence? Nup. We all know it why give it another thought or even speak about it. Religion can go fuck itself too. Then what is the point to this brief but fiery entry? Those can try to rip another woman down but she’ll get back up and she’ll be more. More than what you’ll ever be while you do your best to keep standing on her back. Do you not know the dirt is her knowing? We seek the dark deep earth that’s where our medicine is so while you try keeping her down you’re actually growing her power. That’s what a witch does. She doesn’t hide, she goes inside herself to seek answers she needs to rise back up stronger.

Remember that the next time you try and destroy her… you’re growing her power. We’re immortal, did you not know that? *smiles at stupidity..

Remember that my darlin the next time they try to knock you down. You are more and they know that. Fuck ’em, can’t cage fire – be your freedom.